Creating your own Game Workshop Box

2006-7-30 Wise and Otherwise Game Pieces

Image by JanetandPhil via Flickr

In the course of creativity there needs to be some hands-on play involved.  Like most creative outlets, creating board games needs a ‘pallet’ to start from.  Yesterday I bought a box so starting today I will create a nicer and more organized portable game workshop.

Inside this box includes and will include:

1. A notebook – any cheap spiral bound note book will do

2. Dice – the standard 6 sided, but others may join

3. A deck of playing cards

4. A pack of index cards

5. Game Markers of differing sorts – leftover Go pieces, decorative glass gems (most from a dollar store), etc…

6. Grid paper – both hex and square

7. Collection of cheap pens and pencils

8. Construction supplies – scissors, glue, tape, etc…

9. Parts from cannibalized second hand store games – if the game is cheap and does not include the instructions then it is perfect

10. Any other loose parts, components, or play-things


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