Movies That Activate Tearducts

Movie night
Image by Andrei Z via Flickr

Movies have to power to affect our thoughts, emotions, and reactions.  Unfortunately some films rely on violin music and spinning cameras to manipulate the viewers (and fail horribly) but others succeed by just showing people at their idealized best or worst.  This list are scenes that have ‘activated my tear ducts’ so to speak of a hardened movie watcher.  [possible spoiler warning]

In no particular order…

1. The last supper scene in ‘Signs’.  I understand that acting while eating food is hard but the emotions are so ragged in this calm before the storm. (clip is scene)

2. When Carl in ‘Up‘ looks at the photo album for the final time.  The first 10 minutes of the film is a close second, but without giving it away it shows how the life of someone can impact someone else even if it means finishing a new adventure. (clip is trailer)

3. When Mr. Smith collapses in ‘Mr. Smith goes to Washington‘ after the filibuster.  Personally I just wish congress would follow this advice not just their own avarice or even better act like Mr Smith.  (clip is scene)

4. The voice-over montage in the Babylon 5 film “In the beginning’.  If only we could see some of that ‘stubborn nobility’ in the real world. (clip is scene)

5. The school maintaining their culture in ‘Hero’.  Another example of stirring words calming fear. (clip is scene)

6. When in ‘Stranger than Fiction‘ Harold reads ‘his’ novel. (clip is trailer)


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