Party Game – What Would You Do If…

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I played this game with a couple of friends weeks ago and decided to write it here.  I am not sure where this game originated but it awards wit and introspection.


Simultaneously players write questions, having other people answer them then mixing up the answers to arrive at incongruity.


Blank index cards, writing utensils

Number of players:

3-10 (not sure on a maximum – it could work for a large number as well, it would just take longer)

Game Instructions:

Choose one person to be the leader.

The leader passes out an index card to each person and a writing utensil.

Each player including the leader writes a question starting with “What would you do if _________” filling in the blank.  Some ideas can be “What would you do if you had superpowers?”, “What would you do if everything you touched turned to gold?” or “What would you do if it rained marbles instead of water?”

The leader then takes all the cards with writing on them, mixes them up and redistributes them to the group.  Make sure that no person receives their own question (if they do just give them another one, or quickly trade with someone)

The group then on the blank side of the card write the answer to the question making sure it would be something the the answer writer would do.

Finally the leader takes the cards and redistributes them again.  Make sure that no person receives their own answer (if they do just give them another one, or quickly trade with someone)

Then when everyone has a card start with the leader who reads the question on his/her card, then the person on their right read their answer.  Then the previous answer reader reads their question.  The next person to that question reader’s right reads their answer and so on…

Debriefing Topics

How did an answer fit an unrelated question?

How did you figure out what to write, did you change that thinking that it would not apply to your personal question?


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