The True Nature of Science

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Why is Science?  No, that is not a typo, what is science is an easier question. In the truest denotative definition it is: “Systematized knowledge derived from observation, study, etc.”  But any definition misses the question of ‘Why?’.  Why do we chase after explanations, why do we enjoy the unknown.  The Why needs to  answered the What.  The purpose before the cause.

Which leads me to this video that someone sent me: (  In essence the video argues that only science can be and is the only way to challenge science.  However it contradicts itself in the straw man circular form that is all to common with those who have personal bias – they attack personal bias.  For example at the 1:26 mark it states that science does not equal common sense but then 8:48 it makes the point that science is capturing reality.  But what is more real than common sense.  Here lies a common problem science isolates itself in its own ivory tower then throws down scraps of paper saying here this is how you ought to act because we are in an ivory tower.  Case in point at the 9:49 mark it demands that if someone disagrees with a theory like evolution they have two choices ‘Get your evidence recognized by peer-reviewed scientific journals’ or ‘Leave science to those who are serious about it’.  So the choice is to appeal to the mob or give up: fortunately this false dichotomy has been questioned and challenged.

But back to the issue at hand as this post is not about the design, evolve argument but about the ‘Why’ of science.  Like any trade, tool, or toy there is a purpose behind it.  Science is not a something that stands on its own, there is a guiding principle.  Religion should not contradict our science, because our religion should not contradict anything in our lived.  Religion is what keeps everything in its proper place.  That has always been its role. We have lost out balance in out society because the role of science is out of proportion.  Science ought to be put back in its rightful place where it can do the world a great deal of good, instead of adding to the confusion and blindness of the modern world.  Science is discovery not theory, the fun and play ought to be brought back to science not taken out.

In conclusion this is true science ( but more importantly this is true science  ( why… because of the wonder, the fun, the touch of the divine through creativity in the art of play.  Science is not about the answers but the questions.


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