Group game- Magic Words

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Players try to get other people to say a specific word to have the least amount of tokens.


Tokens (could be poker chips or anything that can be given), dictionary, a beeping timer.

Number of Players:

Any number of players would work.

Game Instruction:

Each player opens the dictionary to a random page and chooses a word.  This is their word.

Each player takes 5 tokens and places them in his pocket.

The timer is set for a reasonable amount of time (about 15 minutes)

Once the timer is set the players go forth and try to get other people to say their word.  Accidental utterances do not count the player must be in a conversation with the person for it to count.  Each time that the word is said the player who’s word it is gives a token to the word speaker immediately.  This continues until a player is out of tokens or when the timer runs out.  If the timer runs out then the player with the least amount of tokens wins.

Debriefing Topics:

What strategies did you employ to get other people to say what you wanted?  Did it work?

Once people figured out your word, did it get harder or easier?

How fast did alliances form, or did they form at all?  Why?


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