Fun Writing Exercises

Pens and their marks
Image by pigpogm via Flickr

Sometimes the pump must be primed for writing.  I do two activities that help me get the creative juices going.

1. Make up your own headlines or stories

Newspapers are funny.  The largest story gets the largest font.  In this activity write your own headline like “United Nations runs out of pens, Sanctions cannot be signed, Dictators show visible relief”  or like “Foreign ruler is the proverbial Nemesis of Sisyphus”  or take a headline from a paper and write your own news story to fit.

2. Listen it on phone conversations.

People outside on cell phones (like in a park, school campus, or other public spaces) seem to talk loud.  Most of the time it is unavoidable to not hear them.  Use this as an advantage.  Try and write down the other side of the conversation, or what led to the conversation, or even what will happen after the conversation.

For example I heard this following line yesterday “When pigs fly then I’ll donate my toothpaste to science“.  This is what I wrote:

“Suddenly after clicking the metallic lid closed on the communication device, a small whooshing sound was heard followed by honks of frighted geese.  The little brown and furry goslings hid under their mother’s soft down, put peeked their heads out to see a horrific sight.  A pig swooping down from the sky  into the river to get a drink.  The ducks in the water, unlike their brothers from the North, seemly ignored the pink mammals.  They seemed to say in their own way ‘that will do pig, that will do’.  The little insignificant non-sequitur that was uttered had to be followed.  Fortunately the white teeth polishing gel did save the lives of millions in the years to come.”


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