Party Game – Roll Your Luck

Image by jaxpix via Flickr


Players take turn rolling dice to achieve a high score but when they roll a number that is already claimed or not accepted then there is a penalty.  Most points at the end of 5 rounds win.


A di for each player  (large dice would be fun), a notepad and writing utensils

Number of Players:


Game Instruction:

The game lasts five rounds.  In round 1 all 6 numbers are accepted, in round 2 numbers 2-6 are accepted, round 3 3-6, round 4 4-6, round 5 5-6.

On each round each player rolls a di.  If it is a non-accepted number the round is over for that person and the player loses all points in that round.  If the number on the di is an accepted number than the player gets those points (if the player rolled a 5 then he gets five points) and can choose to roll again or bank the number.  Player’s keep a running total until they bank their number (write it on the notepad) or roll a claimed or non-accepted number.

When a player banks their total the number on top of their dice is claimed as well.  When a player rolls that number in the same round (in an additional roll) that player that claimed the number gets to add that number to their total while the player who rolled the number loses their running total and their turn ends.

When a player rolled a non-accepted number their running total is lost but their turn is not. Players cannot bank on or claim a non-accepted number.

Banked totals cannot be erased or lost, only added to.

At the end of the 5 rounds the player with the most points wins.

Example Play:

There are three players: Mary, Joe, and Ben

Round 1:  All players roll dice – Mary rolls a 2, Joe a 5, and Ben a 6.  Joe decides to bank that 5.  He stops rolling and writes down 5 points on the notepad.  Mary and Ben decide to keep rolling.  Mary rolls a 6, Ben rolls a 5.  Ben then loses all the points (6) he has earned so far and Joe gains 5 points that are added to his total on the notebook for claiming the 5.  Ben’s turn is now over. Mary decides to bank and writes down here total (8) on the notebook

Round 2: Now if anyone rolls a 1 they lose their running total but can keep rolling. All players roll dice – Mary rolls a 3, Joe a 2, and Ben a 6.  Everyone decides to keep rolling.  Mary rolls a 6, Joe rolls a 1, and Ben also rolls a 6.  Joe’s running points (not the points on the notebook) are reset to zero.  Mary and Ben both decide to claim the 6. Mary adds her total (9) to her notebook total from last round making her notebook total now 17.  Ben writes his total (12) on his section of the notebook.  Joe rolls again and rolls a 6.  His turn ends and both Ben and Mary add 6 to their notebook total.

And so on until the end of the 5th round.


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