Can We as Men Live Up to What We Ought?

The more I write, the more I discover that others write better than I.  Take for example this entry which touched my heart:

I remember in on of my communication classes we watched a video.  I think it was one of the ‘killing me softly‘ video sets.  The segment we watched was on the dehumanization of women in the media.  Now the class was on rhetoric, not on media studies.  At one segment of the video the woman  speaker put up an advertisement right after another where the woman was being paraded in front of the voyeuristic 6th wall.  This wall of images went on one after another for a very long time.  After that was done the male professor of the rhetoric class confronted the argument by demonstrating how listing examples (inductive reasoning) can not lead to a conclusion (deductive reasoning) but only probability of a likelihood.  He did this by putting up advertisement after advertisement of men either of being passive in the background, or being made into a fool, and so on in the same style as the video.

As soon as he did this he was verbally assaulted and refuted.  “How dare we make light of the suffering of women”, the class seemed to shout.  As the blood boiled in the class the professor quietly said that both sexes are attacked, if we defend one we ought to defend the other.  No one seemed to hear the truth that was being spoken, and the so called  ‘liberated’ women stormed out of the class in a huff.  The class was dismissed for the day soon after that.

I took many classes from that professor and realized later that he was a Christian, and years later he became the chair of the department. Whereas the other classmates disappeared into the mists of academia.

The moral of the story: Diminish one sex and the other is diminished as well. Yet diminish both and no one seems to notice that both were diminished.

It remind me of this article:

Now the thought of women being paraded around makes me sick, and I will fight anyone to stop that from ever happening.  Women all need to be treated with respect, honor, and dignity.  But take away a man’s ability to fight injustice, make him into a fool, make him passive, and all suffer – just in the same way if women are devalued in society.

Men are born to be fighters.  That is why they write, protect, represent and serve.  They love God’s creations if they know it or not.  They fight for justice.  They live in a constant romance.  G.K. Chesterton wrote

“In every pure romance there are three living and moving characters. For the sake of argument they may be called St. George and the Dragon and the Princess. In every romance there must be the twin elements of loving and fighting. In every romance there must be the three characters: there must be the Princess, who is a thing to be loved; there must be the Dragon, who is a thing to be fought; and there must be St. George, who is a thing that both loves and fights. There have been many symptoms of cynicism and decay in our modern civilization. But of all the signs of modern feebleness, of lack of grasp on morals as they actually must be, there has been none quite so silly of so dangerous as this: that the philosophers of to-day have started to divide loving from fighting and to put them into opposite camps. There could be no worse sign than that a man, even Nietzsche, can be found to say that we should go in for fighting instead of loving. There can be no worse sign than that a man, even Tolstoy, can be found to tell us that we should go in for loving instead of fighting. The two things imply each other; they implied each other in the old romance and in the old religion, which were the two permanent things of humanity. You cannot love a thing without wanting to fight for it. You cannot fight without something to fight for.”  (emphasis mine)

I would like to thank the author of the blog entry I linked to for writing those great words of gratitude.  I have only one more thing to add, for my words are only a trickling.  Thank you for honoring every ‘St. George’ out there.

In addition I also thank the ‘Princess’ in every man’s life that gives him the reason to fight the ‘Dragons’ of the world.

The only question is that as men – are we living up to the standard to which we ought to, or just being passive and letting the evils in the world continue?


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