Group Game – Oops, Watch Out!

Day 222 (Or is this Day 1 now?) - Oops!
Image by ktpupp via Flickr


Players write specific rules that others must follow, if they do not they are told “Oops” and are given a token.


A collection of tokens – these could be poker chips, fish tank bobbles, bead necklaces or other easily heard, or seen items.

An index card for each person

Writing utensils

Number of Players:

5 – 20 (possibly more)

Game Instruction:

The game has 2 stages.

Stage 1: Each player takes an index card and writes a rule.  These rules could be anything but must be conditional. Each rule must be triggered by the rule writer.  Every ‘rule’ follows this format: If I ______ then the other person must _________.  For example:  ‘If I say my name then the other person must hop on one foot’. Another example would be ‘If I pat the other person on the back the other person must do the same to me’.

After each player has written their rule they put the card in their pocket.  They also take 10 tokens and put them in their other pocket.

Stage 2: Once the game starts the players walk around the room and interact with other people.  If a rule is broken the rule writer must immediately say “Oops, rule broken”, then say what should have happened, and then the rule breaker must give the rule writer one of their tokens.

At the end of a predetermined time the game ends.

Debriefing Topics:

What kind of rule did you write? Why?

Why did you (or others) think the goal was to collect the tokens?  What did that cost?

Were the people who seemed to be collecting the tokes avoided?

What kind of ‘rules’ do we have in the real world that cause us to react?


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