Movie Discussion – Insomnia



The Questions:

Level One (Observation)

What scene was the most riveting (log chase, the phone calls, etc…)

What do you think the lack of sleep is? What does the light in the hotel room represent (remember lights being turned on scene)?

So was the shooting of Hap (Dormer’s partner) an accident or real? Could you tell by the actions/justifications of Dormer?  Justify your case.

Level Two (Abstraction)

What do you think about the implications that Dormer (the detective) and Finch (the creepy guy) are cut from the same cloth?  Is this true?

How is Dormer trapped by Finch and who had the power in the end? Did it change?

Did Dormer’s philosophy that the end like his shady acts justifies the means for putting criminals away work out for him?  Did he change or recant at the end?

Level Three (Personalization)

This movie quickly turns from a whodunit to a why-dunit? I.E. it moves from the deed to the intention.  What were the intentions of the major players?

What do you think of the quote: “A good cop can’t sleep because he’s missing a piece of the puzzle. A bad cop can’t sleep because his conscience won’t let him.”?

What do you think about Dormer’s last advice to Ellie?  What was it, and what motivation did the dying Dormer have for giving it?


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