Movie Discussion – Master and Commander

Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World
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The Questions:

Level One (Observation)

Favorite scene, character…

What did you think of the events of the movie/ any scenes that were hard to watch? (“Jonah”, cutting the mast, the doctor getting shot…)

What are the conflicting forces in this film? Describe the tension between the officers and the crew, and the Captain and the Doctor?

Level Two (Abstraction)

Was it ethical for them to disguise the ship at the end? It did break maritime regulations to do so – Lesser of 2 “weevils”.

What do you think of the quote: “…Be a leader, not a friend”?

Were there any situations in which you disagreed with the decision that was made?

Level Three (Personalization)

Who do you side with more the Captain (Aubrey- , the realist, the man of action) or the Doctor (Maturin- more intellectual and pensive)? Or is there a third party or a compromising view (the boy, Lord Blakeney)?

When did they sacrifice their own views for each other?

Did the captain (Aubrey) have or display good leadership?


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