Movie Discussion – Bourne Supremacy



The Questions:

Level One (Observation)

What was your favorite scene?

Describe all the main antagonists in the film? What are they after?

Any other observations?

Level Two (Abstraction)

There are basically two groups of people in this film, those who wait to know the past and those who want to bury it.  What are the motivations of these two   groups?

How does Bourne deal with his past in comparison to Abbot?

Was there anyone who could be considered “the good guy”? Who? How come?

Level Three (Personalization)

Did Bourne face his past with dignity?  How? What about the end of the movie?

“Although the film does not linger over the victims, we assume dozens of cars were destroyed and dozens of people killed or maimed in this crash, and we have to ask ourselves: Is this cost in innocent victims justified in the cause of saving Jason Bourne’s life? At the end of the film there is a heartfelt scene where he delivers an apology. If        he ever goes back to Berlin, he’ll have to apologize to hundreds if not thousands of people, assuming a lynch mob doesn’t get to him first.” – Roger Ebert.

How do you respond to this?

Will the search for truth always lead to suffering? “Be sure you sins will find you out.”


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