Group Game – Tic-Tac-Flow

Tic tac toe.
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Both players work together to construct a tie game on a tic-tac-toe board


Paper, writing utensils, 9 index cards

Number of Players:

2 or two groups

Game Instruction:

This game has two phases in it: the creation of action cards, and the playing of the action cards

Phase 1: On the nine index cards write the word ‘Center’ on one of them, the word ‘edge’ on 4 of them, and the word ‘corner’ on the other 4.

Then shuffle the nine cards together, and distribute 4 to each team randomly. The remaining card is kept.

That player or team must write either an X or an O on that card.

The players or teams cannot communicate to each other. (the people on the same team can, but communication across teams is not allowed)

This phase ends when all of the 8 handed out cards have been all placed back in a pile with the remaining card. These cards are shuffled again and placed face down (so that they must be flipped to see what they are)

Phase 2: To play the cards players take turns flipping over the top card and place the symbol the card has in the location where the card states (the center, an edge of their choice, or a corner of their choice).

Once a symbol is written on the paper it cannot be removed.

If the card has no symbol label (the remaining card from phase 1) then the team that turned over the card gets to choose what symbol it will be.

The game ends when a three-in-a-row happens (thus ending the game in a loss for both teams) or when a “cat’s game” or tie happens (thus ending the game in a win for both teams)

Debriefing Topics:

When choosing what symbol to put on the card in phase 1 what was your rational?

When the remainder card was flipped over what was your plan for that extra choice?

How did you work with the other team even though there was little to no communication with them?


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