Movie Discussion – Cinderella Man



The Questions:

Level One (Observation)

Describe Jim Braddock.  What kind of person is he?

Describe Mae Braddock. What kind of person is she?

What was different about his boxing when he returned to the ring? Motive change? Don’t give the obvious answer)

Was Jim a “nice” man? Then why did he choose boxing as his profession (at the beginning, before the crash) and continue it afterwards? Was he too nice? (When his wife was being verbally attacked by Max Baer)

What are some of the obstacles Jim faced?

Level Two (Abstraction)

How does Jim’s character change from the beginning?

Why do you think Jim Braddock became a role model? Was it because he was doing things (being successful, winning) that other people could not?

How were the beliefs of Jim tested? “All prayed out”

Level Three (Personalization)

Who sacrificed the most Jim or his wife Mae? Why? (No saying both!)

To quote Kevin Miller: “What about the price of victory? Each time Braddock defeated an opponent, I couldn’t help thinking he was merely sending yet another man to the same relief line in which he had only recently been standing.”  How do you rectify this?


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