Movie Discussion – Goodnight and Good luck



The Questions:

Level One (Observation)

To you what was the most intense scene?

Since any film is an argument (especially this one), what is the argument of this film? They may be more than just one.

What did you think after seeing McCarthy? (The filmmakers used footage from the time, not an actor to play him)

Level Two (Abstraction)

Besides the political pressure what other things did the characters fear? (“The fear is right here in this room”)

What do you think about the married couple that tried to keep their marriage secret? (Remember this is the 50’s and it was corporate policy) (Is any secret safe and/or right?)

What was the cost of standing up? How many people got hurt? Was it worth it?

Level Three (Personalization)

Should the news adhere to objectivity are to another standard when they communicate?

Has anything really changed?

What do you think of this quote from Uri Lessing “The film is being lauded (and scorned) as a condemnation of the current media, and of journalists’ resistance to substantially criticize the Bush administration for fear of reprisal. While there are certainly elements of this in the film, I see Goodnight and Good Luck more as a critique of Americans’ current overwhelming desire to be entertained.”?


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