Group Game – One Word Vocabulary

Will work for vocabulary words
Image by Despotes via Flickr


Players are each given a word.  That word now is the only word they can say.  Players must arrange themselves to make a cogent sentence.


Index cards with words on them.  The words could make a motivational sentence, or a common phrase.

Number of Players:

As many as there are words in the sentence.  There is a limit, but about 10 is prime.

Game Instruction:

Distribute a  card randomly to each player.   The words will make a phrase (there are tons of resources for this: internet quotation databases, and so on. If the facilitator would like to make the game easier put punctuation on the cards as well.

Then each player must wander the room saying only their word trying to find where they will fit into the sentence.  The players can also show their cards to each other. When they find someone that might or will fit, the two (or more) people can wander together.

When everyone thinks they have the sentence figured out, they will say the whole sentence.  If it makes sense they all win!

Debriefing Questions:

Did changing the inflection of the word help you?

How did you find the people whose words were next to you?

Was this hard or easy? Why?


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