Movie Discussion – Superman Returns

Superman Returns
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The Questions:

Level One (Observation)

What was your favorite part of the movie?

Just a simple question, what are the differences between Luther and Superman? (acts, deeds, intentions, aspirations)

How does Superman powers distance him from the normal people a.k.a why the need for an alter-ego?  (‘Operating’ unsuccessfully on Superman, The kryptonite island makes him vulnerable and normal, etc…)

Level Two (Abstraction)

Not to attack poor Superman, but what gives him the sovereign right to punish ‘crime’? His strength (might makes right), his morality (he did sleep with Lois out of wedlock – the superkid), or what? [We cannot have an imperfect ‘savior’]

Once again not to harass poor Superman, but the world seemed to do fine without him, does his presence bring the evil to surface?  If he never arrived to Earth Luther would never get the crystals… so does this fictional realm really need him or is Superman just playing God just as Luther said “Gods are selfish beings who fly around in little red capes and don’t share their power with mankind? [Spying on Lois and Richard etc…]

Level Three (Personalization)

How do these ideas get resolved in the film:

  • Superman saying that every day he hears people crying out for a savior.
  • Lex saying that Superman is good at saving the day, but not when it comes to Miranda rights or due process.

So what is worth more the intention (Superman) or the law (Lex)?

Let’s give Superman some grace: In the earlier films, Jor-El expressed concern that if Superman did too much for mankind, they would rely on him for everything, including things they could do for themselves. Superman has always saved the world from disaster, but in this film perhaps he begins to be a savior in the other sense alluded to by Jor‑El: a “light to show them the way.” – Where did Superman do this?


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