Movie Discussion – The Emperor’s Club



The Questions:

Level One (Observation)

Who was your favorite student? Why?

What was your favorite Scene?

Why did Sedgewick cheat? He didn’t need to.

Level Two (Abstraction)

Who won? Why? (Pick a side, no both or neither)

Why do you think the other students saw Sedgewick Bell as an idol?

Did Sedgewick turn out like his father? Why or Why not?

Why do you think some characters changed and some did not? Who did, who didn’t?

What do you think of the quote: “A man’s character is his fate”?

Did Hundert make the right choice to raise Bell’s paper grade?

Level Three (Personalization)

Is a life of injustice like Sedgewick Bell’s better than a life of justice like William Hundert? Why?

Follow up from last question- Sedgewick is a senator with power and money, can make laws, and is part of the government whereas Hundert is in the same job he has been in for many years, did not get promoted. How is this right or just?

Did Hundert fail? “However much we stumble, it is a teacher’s burden always to hope, that with learning, a boys’ character might be changed. And, so, the destiny of a man.”

It seemed that both Hundert and Sedgewick were trying to immortalize themselves though different means (one through power, the other through his students).  Is this right?

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