Poems for Christmas


Blank slate

Snow I adore

keep falling down,

frost the ground,

Hobbes, let’s explore.


Christmas Myth

Once a year, he comes, we are told

I refuse to believe, I must be bold

He takes cookies and leaves gifts

I have never seen him, I am quite miffed.

I refuse to believe in that jolly old elf

He must be made from my own image, a fragment of self

Science can prove he does not exist

Shall I take science, and leave fairy-tales in the mist.

If I replace fun with doubt, have I changed?

Science instead of fantasy, the belief has rearranged

Who is this man? Why is he attacked so?

Have I grown too stiff, too old?

Yet beneath the beard, the coat of red

Lies not an elf, but a man instead

A man from the past, a brave saint

Gives gifts to the poor; but time has it’s taint

Gifts given not to the good, but the destitute

Why the myth then? Why the tribute?

Must we attack the false and forget the real?

Why hunt an elaborate lie with zeal?

Take away the glitter, the gold, the silk

The elves, reindeer, and other ilk.

Then are we left with just plain thrift?

No, we are reminded of the one great gift

The myth is true, Virginia, there is a Santa ‘Cause’

Find wonder, become young, believe without pause

Only a person who has been gifted gives

Only from one birth, one death, one lives.


Pugna iustus bellum

A banner waves in the tower

Trumpets sounds, metal thunders

A gathering of brave souls

What honorable determination.

The sun peers over the horizon.

They march onward, faces like flint

Toward the eternal battle

None will make it out the same

What noise! What horror!

To see the swords, the shouting, the slaughter

Fight brave men, lose no hope

Make your King proud and abandon no ground

No surrender, no retreat

Do not forget the cause for which you fight

Remember the cost, the honor, the prize

Watch your flank, your front, your brother’s side.

Listen not to the deceiver, the traitor

Heed not the mocker, the scorner

Pity not the enemy, fear not their forces

Do not run, but fight on…

Fight on.

Brave warrior souls, have hearts of gold

Shine on, now in every song and story told

Trumpets sound, battle won!

The war is far from over but your respite was earned.


Man of the Elements


Trudging up the hill, tired

Footsteps in the dirt, mired

A pebble trickles down, meets another

As death starts when life ends.

A tree is planted.

It only begins

Now life starts when death ends.


Blows harshly, against the wood.

Cursing, shouting, in a somber mood

Words articulated loudly, meets another

As death starts when life ends

Fists thrust skyward

All will soon mend

Now life starts when death ends


Denied the cleansing liquid

Like all good things it is quickly departed

Taken down; transferred, meets another

As death starts when life ends

Soon shall be separated

Yet all will it cleanse

Now Life starts when death ends


All-consuming, anger burning

Cleansing, holy, purifying

Punishment for all, meets another

Wind, Earth, Fire, Water

What was meant for all now is given by the Father

Only one had to pay the price

Beautiful vermillion sacrifice.

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