Movie Discussion – Glory Road



The Questions:

Level One (Observation)

What was your favorite scene?

If you had to choose one, who would be your favorite character?

What were some of the odds that coach Don Haskins and the team had to overcome? (discrimination, beatings, having their motel rooms ransacked, and having debris thrown on them as they entered the basketball court for a game; just to name a few)

Level Two (Abstraction)

What were some of the sacrifices that the characters have to make to achieve their spot in ‘glory’? Was in worth it? How are the people remembered today? (During the credits the real people are seen and heard)

How does Don Haskins wife react to him? (moving, distance in the relationship, etc…) Is she correct?  What should be done to resolve this conflict of interests?

Level Three (Personalization)

What were some of the courageous acts the coach and the team performed in spite of overwhelming odds?

Who was in the wrong for the racist acts? –Society, individuals, the cyclical nature of violence, what? (Some of the black players, including Bobby Joe, take out their anger and frustration on their white teammates about racist incidents not related to those white players.)

Why do you think that people like underdog stories?  Why do you think we like to watch the disadvantaged group win?  This does not happen that often in real life, so why do you think it is shown in almost every movie?


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