Movie Discussion – That Thing You Do



The Questions:

Level One (Observation)

Who was your favorite character? Why

What are your favorite moments in the movie?

Does Tom Hank’s character really care about the Wonders? Why? (Remember this is the 1960’s and they were a hit, but takes the breakup as a matter of life)

Level Two (Abstraction)

How do you define the main characters? (How do their characters personalities show through their actions?) “You know, Horace was right about you, Guy; you are the smart one. Lenny is the fool, Jimmy is the… talent, and Faye is… well, now, Faye is special, isn’t she?”

Who is the ‘leader’ of the band?  Is this responsibility used to benefit the band?

What does the phrase “I am Spartacus” mean? Is Guy referencing the historic figure, the movie, or some other abstract concept?

Level Three (Personalization)

The Wonders can really only do one thing right, the song that is the movie’s namesake.  Is this right, to emphasis one developed talent over under-developed talents?  How did this work out in the end?

How does each of the main characters choices work out for them in the end (in the epilogue)? So you think they have learned anything?

Do you think that the pressure of fame ruined the band or was it a deeper issue from the beginning? Why? (And cite examples)


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