Movie Discussion – Hotel Rwanda

Hotel Rwanda
Image by JoonYoung.Kim via Flickr



The Questions:

Level One (Observation)

This movie is not a comfortable movie. What reactions do you have right now?

What scene was the most powerful/ disturbing for you?

Did the actions of the peace keepers make any difference? What actions did make  a difference?

Level Two (Abstraction)

The scary part about this movie is that it actually happened.  Does that change they way  you look at the movie and the events of the movie?

Jack: [after Paul thanks him for shooting footage of the genocide] “I think if  people see this footage, they’ll say Oh, my God, that’s horrible. And then they’ll  go on eating their dinners.” What do you think about this quote? Is it true?

Level Three (Personalization)

A note: The real Paul and Tatiana went back to Rwanda with the director for research. Many people came to welcome them at the airport.  What do you think  about this?

“Even in the darkest times in our history, people of extraordinary character have lived among us, showing us a way out of the deplorable cycle of hatred and aggression.  They exist this very day. It is to these people that we can turn in order to replenish our encouragement, hope, and inspiration.” – Scott A. Hunt

What do you think about his statement?

Any last thoughts?


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