Group Game – I Can Top That!


Two teams take turns thinking of things that can best the other team.  When a team cannot the other team wins.


None, but a timer would be a great help

Number of Players:

Any size but two equal groups

Game Instruction:

Divide people into two groups.  One group thinks of something or someone and phrases it like this: __________ who/that can _______________.  For example Superman who can fly. Then the other group thinks of another something or someone that can top that.  Their object must be phrased in the same way.  For example Kyptomite that can make Superman weak so that he falls.  Each team only has 30 seconds to think and say an answer.

This goes back and forth until a team runs out of time and/or cannot think of anything else.

Debriefing Questions:

Was this game easy or hard for you? Why?

Can everything be topped?

How did you handle disputes?


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