Reflections on Boyhood Weekend

This past weekend a couple of friends and I relived our boyhood.  We played old Nintendo games, ate sugary cereal, went to play in a near-by park, watched Saturday Morning cartoons (of what we use to watch), and other things that we used to do when we were kids – or that we always wanted to do.

Here are two things I wrote on reflection on the weekend:

“When we find comfort in the mundane

We lose sight of the eternal

When we seek safety in the ordinary

We only cling to the collateral

Remember what it was like

With just a boke and a trike

To stride outdoors in courage

Because we had a father who encouraged

A Father who said: “Go on”

“Try again” “I’m right here”

A Father who was strong and fun

Who gave us the might to win.

If only we listened to Him now.”

Being a boy is tiring, countless games, movement, and adventure.  But being a boyu is more than tiring, it is exhausting.  I ache in my back, my feet, my head.  It is a good ache.

One thing I realized is that adventure does not find the boy but the boy finds adventure.  Either he is prompted to “Go outside and play” or he just explores.  In either case the quest for adventure is one that the boy thrusts upon himself.  Now as grown-ups we wait for adventure to find us, hopeful that our excursions into escape will prompt a grand adventure on us.  We will always be disappointed with our computers, DVD’s, TV’s, and others passive activities that we use to blot out life’s inconveniences.  For an inconvenience is what we actually need as “an adventure is an inconvenience rightly considered” (G. K. Chesterton).

It is as though we want our gadgets to father us, we want our grown-up toys to play us – not the other way around.  A TV will never wound is in the same way our fathers can, a computer is controlled – always wanting us to do the same action over and over, and movies are always the same every time they are watched.

It is though we still need to heed the age old advice of “Go outside and play”.


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