Group Game – Caption This!

Stack of photos to be scanned
Image by QT1p via Flickr


Players take turns writing captions to photographs and vote on the best ones.


Each player should bring a photograph (from their personal collection or print on off the internet

Index cards

Writing utensils

A timer – (1 minute or so)

A Score-pad

Number of Players:

Any manageable size (3-6 is optimal)

Game Instruction:

Collect the photographs brought in by the group and shuffle them.  Place the photographs face down in a stack.

Write each persons name on the score-pad and place index cards and writing utensils within reach of everyone.

Any player takes the top photo and turns it picture side up, says go, and starts the timer.

Each player then writes down one caption that would go with the picture, and places it face-down.

After time is up (players may finish writing though) the cards are turned face-up.

Players then vote on the best – the player who wrote the caption with the most gets 3 points, second most 2 points, third most 1 point. (Any ties get the same amount)

Players go to the next picture…game ends when all photographs have been captioned, the player with the most points wins!


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