I’m Back – and With a Heart

Sadly that includes me

It’s been a while since I last blogged about something.  I guess I’ve had too many distractions in my life recently and not enough windmills to fight (or too many).  Let’s see what has happened over this past couple of months (besides the scheduled posts set a long while ago):

I got a great job, fell into a relationship, had that relationship broken up, started applying for a Master’s of apologetics at Biola, planning to set up a Bible/apologetics study at my place,  been very richly challenged in a man’s study group (Line in the Sand Men’s group), and more.  God is really working in my life (sometimes not in the way I like).

So while I still journal the way it is supposed to be, in a book, I also want to participate on this blog as well.  So this blog is now opening up to a more personal level.  Don’t fear, it’s not going emo, or rant oriented but it is getting away from mere head knowledge.

Where to begin again:

Let’s start at the heart.  What is my hearts true desire?  I posted this question on Facebook (one for men and again for women).  Here was my personal answer:

“I want to challenge to world, to be a force to be reckoned with, a force worthy of respect. I want to fight hard, bleed hard, sweat hard, to earn and wear a token from my future love proudly into my daily battles. Then someday make… that lucky woman my bride.

In short, I must become a brave warrior. Then and only then I hope someday find a woman whom I have proven that I am willing to fight the whole world to just be with her – as by then I would have already done so.”

What would your answer be? What is your heart truly longing for?


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