The Meaning of the Season

There seems to be something unique about this holiday season that seems to reflect on the thoughts of people.  Some people get in the spirit of decorations, frosting, wrapping, and all the distracting glitz.  Others on the other hand seem to turn into a walking incarnation of Oscar the grouch.  There is something about this time of year that makes people go to the extremes of  either idol worship or becoming the living embodiments of Scrooge.

Both sides of the Christmas glutton and the curmudgeon are wrong.  The focus is on the wrong event. The date is not important.  The food is not important.  What is important is what we celebrate on that day.

I said to someone a long time ago that Christmas has gotten too secular – there was a heated interchange after that over the good that came from the economic boost of Christmas.  Christmas is not just an incentive for spending nor is it the warm fuzziness of being with friends or loved ones. It is about the great mystery that was revealed to all of mankind those thousands of years ago.

We often lose sight of the greatest gift we ever received was one of a daring battle plan:  The Creator of the Universe humbled himself to a baby, to rescue us trapped in sin behind enemy lines.  It was the most daring, and loving gambit the world has and will ever see.

Yet, we pay it no heed instead focusing on what sales there are, or what we want.

Just imagine, there you are tending your own small boring life when one night, like all the others that have gone before is suddenly interrupted by heralds of God.  They reveal, in praise and authority, the greatest wonder of all history to you – the promised Messiah has come.  What a change that would be! It would put all of our selfishness or bitterness to shame.  It would change our lives – and it changed the world. God with us – Emmanuel, what a life-changing event.  As Amy Spiegel put it “Jesus can kick Santa’s butt, and I am pretty sure He can handle the Scrooges of this world as well.”

This season, instead of thinking of yourself or even what to get for others, take time and reflect on what the true meaning of this season is.


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