Ever Had One of Those Days?

Ever had those moments where you just sit back amazed at what went wrong?  Those times where you chase after your hat for minutes, or when nothing seems to work.  Why do those happen?

Last night, I was taking a walk from my house to a nearby park. When I was about to cross the street to enter the park a car pulls over to ask for directions to the Overland Park Cinema. I give them pretty good directions. As I got to the last part I gestured down the road with a sweeping motion. At that moment my wrist watch flew off my hand into the bushes. The wrist band must have been fraying for a while and finally broke. The people in the car and I just kinds froze for a second. Then I said something to the effect of ‘time flies’. We both chuckled and they drove off. With my flashlight found my watch, and so I need to get another band.

Sometimes things more bizarre than a flying wrist watch happen.  Things that almost seem to be a reverse miracle:

It may be tempting to think of this as bad luck, or just ‘one of those days’ but it made a normal event extraordinary.  Just look at the surprise on the Goalies face, and the disbelief in the audience.  It made a normal goal, a normal game into something that will not be forgotten for a long time.

I guess ‘bad’ things happen to give us a story, it’s like a consolation prize of sorts. It’s more than a consolation prize; it gives us an adventure.  It’s like that old saying “an adventure is an inconvenience rightly considered”.

If you are having ‘one of those days’ perhaps instead of being an Alexander, see it as an adventure. Because an adventure without any struggle would be just like every other day.


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