A Matter of Taste or Truth?

Gregory Kockl wrote in this article (Religious Stew):

“Many people think of God like they think of ice cream, not like they think of insulin. In other words, they choose religious views according to their tastes, not according to what is true. The question of truth hardly even comes up in the conversation.”

People often see religion as a taste contest like this:

When in reality it ought to be more on the lines of medicine – not by taste but by what is true.

Said another way (here)

“When choosing ice cream, you can choose what you like..

When choosing medicine, you must choose what heals.

When choosing ice cream you can choose what’s true for you.

When choosing medicine you must choose what’s true.

There is significant confusion on this point.  Americans think of God, religion, and morals like ice cream and not like insulin.  They choose religious views according to tastes, according to what they prefer rather than according to what’s true.

The search of Truth is not contingent on what is a personal taste but what is True.  The difference between objective and subjective is becoming subjective – know the difference.


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