The American Dream

What is the American Dream?  I think we all need to remember that America was founded on principles.  Principles that were far from being selfish.  I think the dream has followed this progression:

The first dreams in the New World was those of freedom – freedom to practice religion, and freedom to benefit from work (that work itself was a blessing).

Then came the cost to obtain that freedom.  The freedom to fight for self-evident rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness (note: This is happiness from being fulfilled, not getting stuff.)

Then the dream changed.  The dream became the individual pursuit of adventure.

Then in recent years the American Dream has become the pursuit of stuff – that things and people will make us happy.


But there is one more step, that I think we have breached recently.  This is what the Dream has become:

How then do we retreat from this apathy?  We should look at the principles that got us here.  Instead of seeing to fix someone else or blame something else we should see why we are here.

I wrote this on Facebook the other day: “I think that all the anger we have toward corruption in big business, in the Government, in political parties, and so on is turning the focus away from the most important corruption of all: the sin in our own lives.”

It’s sin that has changed the Dream, and it is reconciliation that may bring it back.


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