Repost – The True Hero of Valentines Day

As the white, pink and red fill up the stores, as the chocolates get eaten from cardboard hearts, we as a society reflect on what we will give and what we will get.  It’s the curse of consumerism.  Yet, in the midst of all the gifts, bribery, food, and advertising; there is a thread of true love.  In the middle of all the pressure there is the inkling of what it truly means to give without receiving, to hope without expecting, to live with the threat of continual and everlasting embarrassment. This hint of what love truly is happens to be embodied in a character.

Let me explain…

Who in the whole world of fiction is the most romantic character?

Who embodies a pure selfless life?

Who fails time and time again… and yet gets up and still lives on?

Who carries the pain of ridicule and yet searches onward?

Who dreams the impossible dream?

Which fictional character do most people see themselves as and yet cannot obtain the virtues that this character has?

Who is this mystery person?

This ‘lovable loser’ is the football flying, baseball losing, kite destroying Charlie Brown.

In all the years of his story, as told by Charles Shultz, he never kicked that football, never won a baseball game, never asked the red-headed girl out, only received rocks on Halloween, never received a valentines, and never succeeded in any of the dreams he held dear.  Yet, he kept trying!  He gave his attempts his all, and never ever gave up. We never will know if he achieved his goals but we don’t need to – his heart was that of a champion.

Charlie Brown stubbornly refused to give in even when all is lost from the outset: he continually faced the fear of an empty mailbox every single Valentines day and he even continually stood on the pitcher’s mound alone on the baseball field, not even letting a torrential downpour interrupt his beloved game that he would always lose.

That’s a hero who shows true love, ladies and gentlemen!

That’s the most romantic thing a person could ever do – continually attempt a dream that appears hopeless. It is romance to continually strive after an ideal even if it is never obtained – to never lose hope; to have a dream deferred but never destroyed.

Hopelessness is the Grendel of our generation, and Charlie Brown is today’s Beowulf. Sometimes those who wait with hope are given great things from God (like me).

Today, and not only on today either, find a way to appreciate a Charlie Brown.  Say thank you to someone who is bravely and triumphantly fighting the fight against hopelessness, give a Valentines to someone who may have never got one before, let someone ‘kick that football’ that is always being pulled away by life.

If you are single or even if you are married to a ‘Chuck’ (of either gender), don’t think about just what candies, flowers, and affection you want or desire this day; instead choose to be a hero to those truly brave souls; show them that they are never alone and that they are highly respected and loved. Become a true hero today…

Become a True Hero of Valentines Day.


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