Dog Poo and You

If only this advice was followed.

Now my wife can attest to this but the chore I hate the most is cleaning up the dog droppings out of the lawn before I mow the grass. Our 2 dogs seem to always hide their leavings either in the places I commonly step or hidden deep in the recesses of the dark corners of our lawn. It’s like a gross Easter egg hunt in that way. Not only is the search bad but I need to “suit” up, so to speak. As I head out the door ready to mow the lawn I need to grab a large selection of plastic bags. One for my hand as a glove and another for the depositing of them. I carefully inspect every bag to make sure if they have holes they do not do onto my hand to contaminate it or that would split open dropping the doo once again in the grass.  Armed with plastic hands and reading my disposition I try to grab each piece trying not to cause any smell to enter the air.

I have to admit thought that I have cheated in the past and instead of picking up the dog eggs, instead I just decided to mow in the hope that somehow as if by magic they would disappear. That is not the case as instead now the gross is shaved off and there are poo shavings all over the lawn. This of course makes the dogs very happy as both of them roll in what they think heaven must be like… until they get a bath.

Isn’t this however how we all take care of issues that we do not want to. When we procrastinate and not attack the issues when they are small they spread until the whole lawn is overtaken. Take some examples:

  • Early in film the churches around the nation used to rate movies and control if they were good or not. I am not arguing that this is a good or bad thing, just that it was. However, today who has not complained about the decline of quality and morality in film itself. Only now are we as a church whole are making movies that have our perspective. We are too late to catch up unless we try something new and not preachy. The dog poo has spread there.
  • A couple of decades ago the church left the arenas of law, medicine, art, media, and others to focus all their attention on “ministry”. While supporting missionaries is a good thing we have neglected our own culture at our peril. I remember being involved in a college ministry where there where philosophical discussions, apologetic training, and other critical conversations at a private Christian bookstore near a campus. Churches in the area would rather, in our experience, support people across the world build a building than invest in their own children’s minds. To me this is directly contrary against the teaching of Jesus in Mark 7: 11-13. The college ministry shut down a few years ago leaving a necessary gap that hopefully will be filled. Moreover, what church would support a child going into any field except that of ‘ministry’? It is as if we are scared to support anyone unless there is a business like affect of souls gained for the kingdom. Remember Paul was a tentmaker, Peter was a fisherman, and for the most part all of the early church missionaries supported themselves. While the tent-maker approach is good and I support it fully, we go against other groups such as the Mormons who give full ride scholarships to their kids going to college for any degree. We almost had a Mormon president because of that kind of support. Once again I am not saying that was a good or bad thing, but just is. We have neglected that lawn and the dog poo has spread all over there.
  • There is a known epidemic of college aged kids leaving the church for multiple reasons. The two major reasons I have see is that (1) they cannot find a date so they seek other places for the need that the church will not provide. While I agree that the church is not a dating site it should be however where people are trained to be men and women that are attractive. That way they will see that God should be their true love and be taught by the older men (for younger men) and by the older women (for the younger women) and not just seek pleasure like the world does. When they do get married they will be ready for it. (2) We do not arm our children to think. We only teach them and not train them to fight. A rock back and flannel graph are not enough to deal with the issues that they have. The poo has spread there and is all over our hands.

There are other examples of leaving the dog poo to spread all over the lawn of society and the ‘dogs’ who make the messes now just roll in the messes of our own making.


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