Halloween and me

October 31st again?

Halloween has never been my favorite holiday. In fact it is near the bottom of the ones I enjoy. I like the holidays that focus on virtues such as gratitude or giving rather than sugar highs. However, as of late there are three things my family does to enjoy it.

1. We are those people!

In order to develop a good witness we buy the king size candy bars and give them out. When they are gone we end the night. Now we do put our church stickers on them and these overall have brought in kids to our church. There is usually an eye-pop from the elementary kids when their parents say it is ok to take such a large prize. Then we do have a crowd of Jr. Highers who finish us off at the end when things get too dark for kids.

2. It reminds me of God’s grace.

This is something I posted a long time ago but it bears repeating:

This video shows how much we feel entitled to something that was given to us.  Reminds me a bit of Jonah 4: 6-11 (on one way to look at God’s gifts) and Job 1: 13- 22 (the better way to view God’s Providence). Yes, granted that the parents have to apologize to their kids but the reactions are pretty much the same as the ones we have when God takes away something that we have coveted.

3. We play Werewolf.

Werewolf is a public domain game (for the basics) but we own the ultimate version. Werewolf that is a twice a year event that my family hosts. We do not make to spooky but instead go full on cheese. We invite a whole bunch of friends over (and they invite their friends as well) and have a potluck of snack food.

Basically the game is a group deduction game where everyone is giving a role card. The majority of people are on the villager team. They have the numbers but not the knowledge. A handful of people are ‘werewolves’ and are outnumbered but know who the other werewolves are. The game rounds are divided into 2 phases: Day and Night. The person who is running the game is the moderator and signals and runs the phases. During the day everyone discusses and eventually choose a person to kill (remove from the game) by nominating and voting on them. During the night the werewolves choose a person to kill (remove from the game). There are special roles and other things we have added to make it crazy.

So, instead of finding the holiday creepy, annoying, or bad we have tried to redeem it by (1) giving and showing a witness, (2) remembering God’s grace and providence and (3) creating a culture event for our house.


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