End of the Month Links: November

The Thanksgiving parade has got to be on here somewhere.

Here are 6 of one or half-dozen of another posts I have found around the web (or are sent to me) that I have found interesting, funny, insightful, or thoughtful:

From Leave It to Beaver to Game of Thrones

Where excellence and vulgarity meet and are unfortunately celebrated. It all comes down to the simple maxim: we are what we eat.

Excerpt: “The saturation of sexual immorality, sexual perversion, glorification of gender confusion, extreme violence, profanity, and substance abuse paints a terrible picture of America in 2015, making us wonder again if entertainment influences culture, reflects culture, or is a combination of both.”

Why Christians should Paint, Dance, Quilt, Act, Compose Music, Write Stories, Decorate Cookies, and participate in the Arts

Preach it! This is one of the main reasons why I have started the Breathed Through Silver Site.

Excerpt: ” I could be evangelizing or praying or doing something spiritual instead of dabbing oil paint on a canvas. And besides that, everything is going to burn up anyway at the end, so what’s the use of creating things? Or if I do paint a painting does it have to be a Christian theme? Does it have to have a cross in it or be a scene from the Gospels? Here are a few reasons why Christians should play banjo and decorate cakes, knit sweaters and make movies, do photography and write poems:”


A small sobering video reminder that all of our actions have consequences.  Some people see this while sadly others do not care.

How Confidence Makes Us Kind

Christian optimism is a root of the kindness that we have. We will be asked about the hope that we have, so let us show off that hope!

Excerpt: “A gloomy view of culture leads to meanness. If we believe we are on the losing side of history, we slide into the rage of those who know their time is short. We have no reason to be fearful or sullen or mean. We’re not the losers of history. We are not slouching toward Gomorrah; we are marching to Zion.”

How To Cook and Carve a Thanksgiving Turkey Like a Man

For those who may be carving a turkey today, here is some guidance on one method on how to do that. Is there a better way? I usually just make a mess and wish for electric knives to come back in fashion.

Excerpt: “Preparing and carving a turkey for loved ones at Thanksgiving is definitely a manly task. It involves roasted flesh, sharp knives, and popping joints. So impress your friends and family this year by cooking up a juicy and delicious bird. After you’ve cooked it, earn extra man points by masterfully carving it with a sharp knife. Carving a turkey is a rite of passage every man must go through. But if you don’t do it right, you’ll just be left with a mangled mess of meat.

Letter to a Perplexed Eleven-Year-Old

John Piper writes an open letter to a good question.

Excerpt: “What your father asked for was not money. He asked for an answer to your question. This means your father loves you very much. He wants you to have truth in your heart, as well as food in your stomach. He knows that there are some situations when truth in the heart is more important than food in the stomach”


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