End of the Month Links: February

No matter what I watch, it is the same 3 people!

Here are 6 of one or half-dozen of another posts I have found around the web (or are sent to me) that I have found interesting, funny, insightful, or thoughtful:

Why Our Storytelling Nature Provides Evidence for God

The theistic worldview as the best explanation for the stories we feel compelled to tell.

Excerpt: “The theistic worldview seems to provide a much more robust answer: the reason we are so committed to stories is because we live in a meaningful world, we are made in the image of a personal God, and we are part of a larger story written by the Author of life. The story of our individual lives matters because we are part of a grander, meaningful story.”

Myth and the Universal Longing

Why the commonalities between mythic stories does not invalidate the gospel message.

Excerpt: “This eternal human longing, unspecified down the long ages, was nevertheless expressed in a multitude of legends, myths, stories, poems, and parables as people poured out their longings to one another, all the time longing that one day in some way one would come who would gather up all the great stories and make them come true once and for all..”

Don’t Confuse Spirituality with Righteousness

Feeling pious or following an emotional spiritual feeling is not the way to please God, in fact those can be idols taking us away from God.

Excerpt: “Spirituality and piety are not ends in themselves. In fact they are worthless unless they are means to a higher goal. The goal must go beyond spirituality to righteousness.

Why It’s So Hard to Resist Grieving on Social Media

There are always tragic events that happen in the world, why then do we feel that online solidarity helps those through the tragedy?

Excerpt: “More and more, we are looking to our screens for answers. Some say such convenience, such easy access to information and to people, deceives us into thinking that we can be part of the solution without lifting a finger. And while I do believe Americans in particular could use more political activism and involvement in real life, the lure of social media activism isn’t going away. Facebook and Twitter continue to entice us because they allow us to “tell it like it is” in real time. They feed our emotional hunger in an instant way that in-person outlets cannot..”

A Giant has Fallen — The Death of Justice Antonin Scalia and the Future of Constitutional Government

It is a sad day when the passing of any person happens and people rejoice over it. We need to mourn the passing and understand the legacy of what they left.

Excerpt: “Christians must also remember that Justice Scalia’s understanding of the proper reading of the Constitution as a text is directly relevant to the church’s proper reading of Scripture. The same liberal theorists who propose reading the Constitution as a “living” and “evolving” text also propose that the Bible be liberated from its actual text and from the intention of its authors. Ultimately, this approach to the Bible, common to theological liberalism, denies the authority of God as the ultimate author of the Scriptures. It is no accident that liberal theology and liberal theories of the constitution emerged together in American public life.”

Abortion Group Calls Doritos Ad Offensive

There were many Super bowl commercials that dealt with babies; from the chimera of puppy-monkey-baby, the Super bowl choir, and the Dorito ad. The later of which was criticized of “humanizing the fetus” which shows the way the pro-life cause can succeed.


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