End of the Month Links: March

Must get away from election coverage!

Here are 6 of one or half-dozen of another posts I have found around the web (or are sent to me) that I have found interesting, funny, insightful, or thoughtful:

Reading Augustine in an Election Year

I need to reread ‘City of God’ but everyone who is a Christian who talks about politics needs to read it as well.

Excerpt: “How many times have we seen Christianity used in recent years in precisely the same way the polytheists of ancient Rome used their cultic devotion? Who can forget the television evangelists telling us, as the embers of the fallen Twin Towers still smoldered, that the September 11 attacks were God’s judgments on America for specific sins? How often do we hear the promises of God to his people in the Old Testament applied to America, as though Christian “revival” is the key to economic flourishing and military victory for the United States? And how often do we hear of the vanquishing of “judgmental” and “puritanical” religion as the key to getting America on the right side of history?

Augustine would have nothing of these cynical utopianisms, and neither should we.”

‘Forbidden Planet’ Is Still Relevant & Thought-Provoking 60 Years Later

A classic story and a timeless lesson.

Excerpt: “Advances in visual effects, ironically, may make Forbidden Planet’s “high-tech” look seem quaint. But the film’s warnings about the consequences of elevating innovation over humanity are anything but dated. Our “baser selves” are monstrous indeed, but without the grace of Christ, they aren’t going anywhere. We can travel the stars, but however distantly we may travel, our own flesh will follow us.”

The FreeThinking Argument

A sound and valid argument from one of my fellow students. Support his ministry if you can! Also feel free to explore the resources on that site.

Lord Of The Rings: How Music Elevates Story  

Music is very powerful, and here is a video that shows how a master weaves themes throughout a modern epic.

How the Resurrection Changed Jewish Minds

Easter was last week, but this is a very important point to consider!

Excerpt: “If we are to understand the transforming nature of Easter, we need to look no further than the very beginnings of the faith. Jesus’s followers were Jewish and they held to standard Jewish beliefs. They expected a Messiah, a savior, to be a political or military leader who would deliver Israel from Roman oppression and restore the glory of David’s throne. They expected to observe the Jewish Levitical laws unto death and that resurrection was an event reserved for the end of time. All those beliefs changed the day Jesus rose from the dead.”

A Guide To The Best And Worst Easter Treats Known To Man

Now that people have tons of leftover sugar, here is a guide to the best and worst (Peeps) Easter candy. For the record I still do not know why Peeps are still made.

Excerpt: “Yes, Peeps, those wretched, funky hunks of marshmallow sadness and evil disguised as cute little bunnies and chicks. They are a “treat” so horrible they were invented by Satan himself as part of a nefarious scheme to make people doubt the inherent goodness of the world. For if the world truly were good, and God real and loving, why would Peeps exist? (From there, Beelzebub went on to make raisins, but that’s an altogether different matter.)”


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