End of the Month Links: April

I’m stuck on the couch!

Here are 6 of one or half-dozen of another posts I have found around the web (or are sent to me) that I have found interesting, funny, insightful, or thoughtful:

Rethinking the Stumbling Block: Christian Culture as a Barrier

I think this is one of the greatest barriers that we have today.

Excerpt: “The reality of our consumer society is that conservative Christians are a very lucrative market, and if we are not vigilant and soberminded, we will likely accept the aesthetic conception of Christianity that is presented to us by companies wishing to sell us our culture.”

TEN Problems with the Canaanite Objection

A great article against one of the most tired objections against God.

Excerpt: “Why would God command the execution of all the Canaanites (along with the children) in the Old Testament? Many think this is one of the biggest objections to Christianity; however, when thinking logically, we can see that this is not an objection to Christian theism at all. We must recognize the real objection; at most, this is only an objection to Biblical inerrancy, as the “Canaanite objection” does absolutely nothing to disprove the existence of God or the resurrection of Jesus.”

Why Entertainment is Costing the Church its Young People

The idol of fun being worshiped if driving our children away.

Excerpt: “Christians have seen this problem for a long time.  And what’s the proposed solution been?  More youth groups, pizza parties, movie nights, and amusement park trips.  Instead of filling them with the love of God, we fill them with entertainment and teach them that church is the place to get it.  And we’re so ignorant, so short-sighted, that we don’t realize that we’re adding more fuel to the fire.  Because the root problem in some of these situations is that their heart is given to fun, not to Jehovah, and by adding more fun in the name of God, we’ve just driven them even farther away from Him.”

The Dior Woman and True Freedom

An article contrasting how the world sees freedom and true freedom (the freedom that binds).

Excerpt: “Have we really reached a point where freedom is portrayed by such petty play things like a little black dress, a helicopter ride, and a man to kiss but not commit to? Is freedom merely the absence of responsibility? If that’s the definition of freedom, I don’t want it. It has such an achy hollow feel it hurts.”

How the Hillsong Cool Factor Changed Worship for Good and for Ill

Something to consider at “worship times” at a church; what is the real purpose of worship? Hint: it is not an emotional high.

Excerpt: “Throughout church history, Christians sang hymns and praises as a way of proclaiming the gospel to one another and modeling the understanding that they are “one body” in Christ. However, based on today’s concert hall approach—the approach modeled and championed by Hillsong—the volume levels in churches are so high that they drown out the voices of the congregation, diminishing the communal aspect of worship and making it more of a private affair..”

Why I (N.D. Wilson) Writes Scary Stories for Children

I remember when my wife and I saw How to Train your Dragon 2, and there was a mass exodus right after the death of a character. This happened before any kids saw the resolution. I believe we shelter kids too much and they are not prepared for evil when it comes. This article hits that issue on the head and how to help kids face scares.

Excerpt: “Those kids feel real pain, described in real ways. They feel real loss. They learn that the truest victory comes from standing in the right place and doing the right thing against all odds, even if doing the right thing means losing everything. Even if doing the right thing means death. My characters live in worlds that are fundamentally beautiful and magical, just like ours, in worlds that are broken and brutal, just like ours. And, when characters live courageously and sacrificially, good will ultimately triumph over evil.”


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