What’s Wrong With the World?


We live in a fallen world, but what does that mean? What can we do to fix it? The first question I asked on my Twitter account after posting the following posts of what I think are problems in the world:

  • The same people who say ‘you are what you eat’ are the ones who say that what entertains them does not impact them.
  • Bulverism is not only alive and well but works with amazing proficiency. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bulverism
  • Evil is practiced in the name of love so those who condemn are called haters. It’s the pot calling the soap dirty
  • People feel instead of think, thus rationality has been deemed offensive and feelings as always right.

Here are what others on Twitter have tagged with that thought: https://twitter.com/hashtag/whatswrongwiththeworld?src=hash

G.K. Chesterton allegedly replied to that question with the answer “I am” pointing to the fact that we are all sinful and fallen.

What do you think is wrong in the world?


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