End of the Month Links: May

Drowning sorrows in daytime TV!

Here are 6 of one or a half-dozen of another posts I have found around the web (or are sent to me) that I have found interesting, funny, insightful, or thoughtful:

Buy the Product, Not the Sob Story

The dangers of selling people as narratives.

Excerpt: “we as customers falsely assign moral value to a morally neutral capitalist system. As the critique goes, if we begin to believe that our consumption alone can cure social ills, we simultaneously encourage overconsumption and discourage selfless giving by training ourselves to expect gifts in return for doing good. Why give to a medical charity when we can buy a new pair of glasses and passively “change a life” at the same time? That’s not to say that capitalism can’t be directed toward a moral end, but that consumption is not the cure.”

See No Evil

People are still finding out the dangers of pornography. It has ensnared so many!

Excerpt: “Of all the Sexual Revolution’s fruits, porn is arguably the one that has rotted fastest. It has defied the categorical wisdom of libertines by growing in users and extremeness, even as cultural mores against casual, commitment-free sex have eroded. Contrary to the predictions of many, porn has proven to be addictive and isolating. What was once promised as an end to slavish prudishness has instead ensnared millions in powerful neurological patterns, patterns that, if unabated, are conducive to the worst kinds of abusive and sadomasochistic behavior..”

7 Troubling Questions about Transgender Theories

The questions that no one is asking but should.

Excerpt: “The unmooring of “gender identity” from “biological sex” leads to a number of unresolved questions, as well as troubling inconsistencies among advocates of transgender rights. (I realize that not every transgender person or LGBTQ activist agrees on every point or holds to the same ideology. Still, there is broad agreement on a number of important issues.)

In my reading of articles and books about gender identity in the past year, I’ve come across seven issues that challenge the coherence of transgender theories.”


Stop Saying ‘I Feel Like’

An opinion article in the Washington Times that makes some good points against feeling based language.

Excerpt: ““I feel like” masquerades as a humble conversational offering, an invitation to share your feelings, too — but the phrase is an absolutist trump card. It halts argument in its tracks.”

Simon’s Cat Logic – Why Do Cats Love Boxes?!


And now you know!

Know Your Meme: Dramatic Chipmunk

Remember the day when the best thing online was this internet meme? Pepperidge Farms remembers… and you should too. It was a more innocent time.


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