Can Evil Ever be Justified?

In video games and movies recently there have been situations that are morally tough or at least very grey in many shades? Does these hard to judge circumstances mean that there is no objective truth – of course not!

Here is a silly video that lists some examples of when some people think that the antagonists may have a point. My thoughts after the video:

The game video is pure entertainment and silliness. However, for tough situations like those fictional ones and the real ones many people face what do we do to judge if the actions are moral or not? In this case we will use the evil test.

The evil test is basically a test that can say if we can call an action evil or just that we do not like it (like a flavor of ice-cream).

What if there are no standards? Then we could not call anything evil or wrong. Clearly stabbing someone over and over to kill them as seen in the video clip is evil. If there is anyone who would disagree, I would ask them to seek help as this being evil is self-evident.

Do we use internal/personal standards? If we do then there would be nothing to call the actions of other people evil – and even in the video there are acts that are such (most antagonists in games do evil acts)

Do we use cultural standards? In that case we cannot call acts of evil outside of our own culture evil. In the video we in our American culture judge the fictional cultures or different places and time so that can’t be correct even for made-up cultures.

The standard therefore must exist and be outside of ourselves or our cultures.

I would say that those who believe in relativism exist is worlds more fake than the video games worlds in the above video.

Here is a great response from Stand to Reason on this:






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