End of the Month Links: October

Where is the Peanuts Halloween special?

Here are 6 of one or half-dozen of another posts I have found around the web (or are sent to me) that I have found interesting, funny, insightful, or thoughtful:

What Today’s Christians Can Learn From Antiquity About Living In A Pagan World

When all we see is a pagan and secular “liberation from the tradition of old” we as Christians must go back to the strategy of “must articulate and exemplify an alternative vision of human flourishing”.

Excerpt: “A faithful Christian community would offer women all the advantages of education, career advancement, and self-determination enjoyed by pagan women without the negative consequences. A faithful Christian community will tend to the ill and the hopeless, as we saw during the Ebola crisis. A faithful Christian community will demand moral behavior from men every bit as much as women. A faithful Christian community will identify pagan practices as sinful, but welcome such sinners with love and compassion. A faithful Christian community will see the image of God in every human being, regardless of race, class, or national origin. Who wouldn’t be attracted to such a community? It may be the only hope left for a society that has gone so badly off the rails.

You Could’ve Been Something

There is a beauty in being ‘ordinary’. We often forget this when we look down the paths we did not take.

Excerpt: “Christ set me free from the pressure of becoming something. His death reminds me that it was never about me anyway. I was never the History maker — He is. I am not the world changer — He is. Fame, acclaim, and praise will destroy me. They will not destroy Him. Glory will devastate me. Glory will indeed make me somebody — a monster who is hiding a fragile ego that needs to be more than just a servant.”

Freedom From the Tyranny of Hyper-Spirituality

Sadly our wrong view of Christianity where religious experience trumps  all is harming a lot of people and is not Christian. It is burdensome to live on those terms – God offers us freedom from  things like that.

Excerpt: “The tyranny of hyper-spirituality our church culture had foisted on us set us up for disappointment because it held up religious experiences as the means of God’s grace, rather than the finished work of the cross. […] Hyper-spirituality is what happens when we (usually implicitly) think that obedience to God and giving glory to God is about payback.”

9 Traits of Truly Curious People

Curious people are people filled with wonder and excitement, this list shows also that it is a virtue as well.

Excerpt: “Curiosity pointed in any direction is marked by the same traits. Whether we are investing in a marriage, a co-worker, a project, a sermon, a mission trip, a friendship, or a crisis a truly curious person shares these.”

The Sexual Revolution and the Witness of the Church

We cannot use the same tired arguments as the battleground has shifted, but the need for the fight remains.

Excerpt: “The Christian church has always enjoyed the moral high ground; it has always been understood to be the guardian of what is right and righteous, at least in Western societies. But what we are seeing now is a fundamental change. Hobson is arguing that this moral revolution, having turned the tables of Christianity, now robs the Christian church of the moral high ground it had previously claimed. The situation is fundamentally reversed. For the first time in the history of Western civilization, Christianity appears to be on the underside of morality, and those who hold to biblical teachings concerning human sexuality are now “ousted” (to use Hobson’s word) from the position of high moral ground.”

Millennial International




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