Personal Pilgrimage

Repost – Our Entertainment Addiction


They say that information is the new commodity but I think it is entertainment. Who ever controls the narrative controls those who believe it. That is normal and has been that way since time began. The change and deadly ramifications come when that we worship our narratives. This ultimately means that we plug ourselves into the ‘matrix’ to our cultures demise. What do I mean?  (more…)

What to do Next?



Baby, this is a good thing!


Hey all, it’s time for me to start a new journey through another collection of G.K. Chesterton. Please let me know with the make-shift Poll/ contact form below what you would like to see. Voting will be shut down by May 25th.


Taking a Baby Blog Break


Actual baby’s look may vary from above. Past performance does not indicate future success. If facial expression lasts for more than 3 hours consult doctor.

My family is expecting a baby boy any day now. So, while things are being adjusted for me, my wife, and our little girl (who is now a big sister) I will be taking a break from this blog for a month or so.

In the meantime, please explore the archives on this site, the posts on the sister site (

See you all in a while.

It Lives!

What’s this? I remember this place. It looks so familiar, but yet forgotten. Let me blow off the dust a bit and break down the cobwebs. I see. I better find the power breaker and see if there is still power. This place may yet live again!

With the creaking of an old cabinet, I have returned to reclaim this blog. The dust has accumulated a lot when I was away, but a lot has happened:

  • I am now married to the most beautiful woman on the planet and have the cutest daughter. The title for the little one may tie depending on the gender of the next one.
  • I now have a Master’s degree in Christian Apologetics with High Honors from Biola.
  • If you want to check out another blog that I am contributing with other Christian Apologetics writers, give a few minutes to The Apologers.

There are more surprises coming, but know that the site is alive again!