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Repost – Hidden Role Board Games and False Teachers


One of the kinds of board games I like to play are social deduction games. The basic thrust of this genre of games is that all the players have to work together to win, but some of them may be working against the group. Those who work against the group are smaller in number but will try to blend in and mislead the other players so that the game is lost. If that happens those traitors will win instead.

There are many games of this type and these games are also a perfect way to illustrate the danger of false teachers and why apologetics and polemics are important to the life of a church.


The Reliability of Scripture and Party Games

Every once in a while there is a great question that curious students ask. They say something like ‘how can we trust that the Bible matches what was written originally?’ This curiosity may be shaken when they see something like this in a major news publication:

“No television preacher has ever read the Bible. Neither has any evangelical politician. Neither has the pope. Neither have I. And neither have you. At best, we’ve all read a bad translation—a translation of translations of translations of hand-copied copies of copies of copies of copies, and on and on, hundreds of times.  […] Back then, writings from one era could be passed to the next only by copying them by hand. While there were professional scribes whose lives were dedicated to this grueling work, they did not start copying the letters and testaments about Jesus’s time until centuries after they were written. Prior to that, amateurs handled the job.”

Now, this post is not going to directly address what that article says (as there are plenty of places that have done that) but will give a quick exercise on how we can know that the Bible is reliable with a simple party game. (more…)

Halloween and me

October 31st again?

Halloween has never been my favorite holiday. In fact it is near the bottom of the ones I enjoy. I like the holidays that focus on virtues such as gratitude or giving rather than sugar highs. However, as of late there are three things my family does to enjoy it. (more…)

Repost – Aristotle 6 and Games

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This is a paper I wrote for one of my last classes in college:

In my wanderings in the library I came across a fascinating picture in a National Geographic. The image had a anthropologist sitting playing a game in the dirt with an African native. The game that they played has appeared on scraps of paper, in the dirt, and even on the spines of books to the chagrin of librarians – everywhere and anywhere there are players willing.  This game played from Toronto to Tokyo is one of linking shapes together. It is the game of tic-tac-toe(more…)

Thinking Persons List of Party Board Games

One of the beauties of board games is that it brings out the social element of people.  Those who like to act silly are invited to do so, those who know trivia will be quickly befriended, and those who like to think are welcome to. (more…)

Thinking Persons List of Two Person Board Games

What makes a two person board game different?  It is just the scale and scope?  Yes, the scale of the game is smaller and the scope usually is smaller as well but there is something else.  A two person game has only two minds playing it, so it really is a meeting (battle?) of the minds. (more…)

Thinking Persons List of Board Games

In contrast to my other list (video games) this list contains the superior social element of playing with other people.  Board games come in many shapes and sizes but all have one thing in common; it brings people out of their element and transports them into a friendly realm of competition. (more…)