Art and the Age of Trump


Every time a president proposes a new budget there are laments for what is getting money and what is getting cut. This president is no exception. This time there are cries over the arts having their budgets cut. I contend that the arts are critical to our humanity and as such should not be funded by the Government. State funding and non-profit funding are completely untouched by the proposal. However people are up in arms about the federal cuts to the arts. How should we respond to this? (more…)


The Ides of March vs Saint Patricks Day or What Should be Done to Fix America’s Political System


This week had two important historical dates:

Ides of March: March 15th. This was past the date the Roman democracy ended and marked the downward spiral of death of the Roman republic. With the death of the emperor-for-life Julius Caesar people thought that perhaps things would return to normal. In fact things got much worse.

St Patrick’s day: March 17th. This is the day we celebrate a man of God who returned to the nation of his slavery to preach the Gospel.

Of these two perspectives one influences the political process and the other the heart of people. One is the perspective of those who would focus on the change of a system and the other a change of the individual. (more…)

Heretics – Chapter 8: The Mildness of the Yellow Press


I am continuing my journey through G.K. Chesterton’s Heretics. Today there is a proliferation of information everywhere. You can watch the news both on television and online in a multitude of channels. You can read about what is going on around the world from the lives of celebrities to the actions of political leaders in almost every place. You see magazines at airports, cell phone updates ding every minute, and every article in print or online is clamoring for our attention. Allegedly, the most read articles online either have a heading for a top 10 list or a “click here and you won’t believe what happens next” statement. There is nothing new under the sun and even though today we have the internet in Chesterton’s day it was the same thing.

Heresy exposed: Drab sensationalism (more…)

The Socialist Classroom Experiment

This story has been circulating around the internet for some time (just use a search engine to look up “Socialist Classroom Experiment” however I personally saw the story first here).   Some things to ponder while reading – (1) most likely this never happened but a parable is a parable; so what is the message?, (2) was the agreement unanimous or majority overruled the dissenters? and (3) if this really happened how many people do you think dropped the class and ‘defected’ to another? (more…)

Journey Down

Old Elevator
Image by voteprime via Flickr

There is a discovery by many  college kids who, in their first few months of school, start reading about politics. Unfortunately, all of their reading comes from inflammatory blogs and You Tube videos with techno background music and scary titles.  These guys have just now figured out that–gasp –there is corruption in politics, and now they’re storming into every comment box, political rally, or conversation they can find with guns blazing, ready to inform the rest of us about how the world really works.  Either that or they move to Oregon…

There is really nothing wrong with confronting the wrongs in the world, but there is a first step; confronting the wrongs of the self.  (more…)

Magic and Jack the Giant Killer

Beauty and the Beast, illustration by Warwick ...
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Tom Robbins said that “Disbelief in magic can force a poor soul into believing in government and business”.

That is the problem with today, nobody believes in magic.  In fact magic has changed definition from something mysterious and lacking to something that Arthur C. Clarke formulated.  His three “laws” of prediction are: (more…)

Jumping Off the Shoulder of Giants

Mr. Burns shows Homer a thousand monkeys worki...
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Kenneth Grahame, the famous British writer was noted for saying “Monkeys very sensibly refrain from speech, lest they should be set to earn their livings.” Before we take a wild ride like Mr. Toad let the wind of that drift through the willows of thought. Can you imagine an infinite number of monkeys sitting around tables throwing papers around, writing up speeches for an important chattering in front of a captive audience? Then leaving a mess for unfortunate souls to clean up afterward – wait that happens all the time… just look what happens at press conferences.  The problem with the simian’s point of view is that whenever the works of Shakespeare turn up through their infinite random arrangement of words, letters, and arguments it is quickly left behind for another grand roll of the dice. ‘Jacta alea est identidem’ (the di is cast again and again). There is no history, no stories of old for the infinite number of monkeys to compare their infinite writings to. They have no ‘tale’ to stand upon. What separates man from ape besides hygiene habits for some – is the benefit of having history to boost our thoughts towards the heavens. The horizontal vision to the future is only possible through the vertical lifting from those who came before. However there is always the danger of joining the simians on the ground by jumping off the shoulder of giants. (more…)