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Recently an unprecedented event happened, the ruling court of the land made a recent ruling as it comes to marriage. Now, there are others more qualified than me to address this in both the philosophical perspective and the law perspective (see [1] [2] in the endnotes), but to me, the most interesting thing about the whole Supreme Court Ruling is the narrative that followed. I do not mean a narrative in a negative way but only in the way that a worldview has revealed itself and come into the open. This worldview is succinctly summed up in the twitter hashtag #LoveWins. Now given the timing of this hashtag, I can assume that the message being given here is that the love between two people (of whatever context) is now acceptable and that love conquers all – like it does in all the movies and stories we like as a culture. (more…)

All You Need is ‘LUB’! No, We Need True Love


C.S. Lewis once stated that anything taken to the level of God become a demon. What he meant by this is that even a virtue can become a deadly vice if it becomes a idol. In the past decade there has been one virtue that culturally has become Godlike in its worship. The culture calls this emotion ‘love’ but because this new vice is not really what love it we for the sake of argument and this article call it ‘Lub’. This concept of Lub vs. love has been addressed before here already and will be addressed again in the future, but let’s dig deeper for right now. What is Love and how it that different from ‘Lub’?  (more…)

The True Hero of Valentines Day

As the white, pink and red fill up the stores, as the chocolates get eaten from cardboard hearts, we as a society reflect on what we will give and what we will get.  It’s the curse of consumerism.  Yet in the midst of all the gifts, bribery, advertising; there is a thread of true love.  In the middle of all the pressure there is the inkling of what it truly means to give without receiving, to hope without expecting, to live with the threat of continual and everlasting embarrassment. This hint of what love truly is happens to be embodied in a character.

Let me explain… (more…)

Rocks and Water – A Rebuttal about Relationships

A solid defense is always needed

What is an apology?  Is it something that necessitates forgiveness? Is it something that one must do if they are in the wrong?  No, of course not (not with what I am going for).  The true definition is something far more powerful. An apology is a defense of something you believe in strongly.  It is written  in “The Apology” that Socrates gave his defense of what he believed.  It is also written in John 18:37 that Christ gave his reason, his apology: “To testify for the Truth”.

So what am I “apologizing” about? Let me defend what I wrote a while ago.  In that post I shared some of my story and the ideal woman I am questing for.  (more…)

Soul Breaks and Heart Throbs – My Struggle Against Loneliness

 This is going to be a personal post.  As part of my resolve to keep this blog from getting merely heady, I’m going to share my heart:

I feel that a man’s heart may be more easily broken than a woman’s. (more…)