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Repost – Our Entertainment Addiction


They say that information is the new commodity but I think it is entertainment. Who ever controls the narrative controls those who believe it. That is normal and has been that way since time began. The change and deadly ramifications come when that we worship our narratives. This ultimately means that we plug ourselves into the ‘matrix’ to our cultures demise. What do I mean?  (more…)

Apologetics and Green Eggs and Ham


I constantly argue that the main opponent against Christianity is not militant atheists (even though they are the loudest) but those who do not care. How do we get those people to care – we put a stone it their shoe as Stand to Reason would put it. In order to do that we need to be alert for a thoughtful conversation/question, to keep asking, and using different approaches – much like the hero in Dr. Seuss’s classic Green Eggs and Ham. To remind us of that strategy below is a parody of that story: (more…)

Repost – Changing God’s Diaper

Notice how we only see the Baby’s smile

It’s that season again.  It nearing the end of the year, the time of Christmas. This is the season of gifts, stress, mad shopping, trees, decorations, simple tunes, family, red rider BB guns, and celebrations.  What happens the day after Christmas? Life goes on. (more…)

Repost – Star Wars: Helpful Film Series or Hurtful Idol?


People have waited patiently (or not) for new Star Wars stories. First, came the remastered versions, then the prequels, animated TV shows, and now finally a new movie. Time will tell if the new movie will live up to the hype or the marketing. However, there is something that needs to be discussed:

Is Star Wars hurting or helping people?


Repost – Arguing into the Kingdom


One of the main comments that Christian apologists hear from those inside the church is “You can’t argue people into the Kingdom of Heaven.” This is an issue that has been addressed by Alan Shlemon of Stand to Reason has in this great letter; but another rejoinder on this common phrase is good.

Is this a new argument against apologetics? Of course not! Augustine wrote in “On Christian Doctrine” that pastors should use the rhetorical arts to strengthen and save those around them. He wrote those collections of essays to essentially fight against that same argument in his day.

What does this objection mean? It means that mere words do nothing to change people. If that is what it means it is false. Of course words are very powerful but not overwhelming, they do not compel people to obey. However, stories were used by Jesus to teach and I think it is safe to say that certain parables like the prodigal son have shown people who God is. Jesus also used apologetics in his discourse – see Luke 7:18-23. (more…)

Repost – Thanksgiving – the Time of Gratitude

The First Thanksgiving, painted by Jean Leon G...

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It’s time again for my favorite holiday; Thanksgiving.  It’s a time of reflection on the gifts we have received. Gratitude is the first step to wonder as Ravi Zacharias writes in the book ‘Recaptured by wonder’ and it is true. Gratitude does not come easy, and is a mindset.  A brief reflection of the start of the holiday is a good place to begin – no, not the pilgrims… but when the day was proclaimed as a national holiday. (more…)

Repost – I Survived the Apocalypse… Again

At least my glasses survived!

Well, the end of the world has come and gone again. They said it would be the Apocalypse, but the end did not come. Somehow the Blood Moon was supposed to signal the end but the “curse of the day after” reared its head. That is the way every claim to know the Apocalypse has ended… nothing happened and life kept going forward. That has happened a lot in the last century. (more…)